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Karen Pappin

For the past 17 years I have worked on setting up and building a profitable graphic design business, providing a range of brand design services. I’ve worked with a range of different clients over the years, building a solid portfolio of clients. Thanks to the personal one-to-one service I provide, I have been able to meet each client’s specific requirements and provide a tailored answer for each job. My clients have come to know that once the job is with me every aspect of it will be taken care of, start to finish.

As a small business owner you’re not just a graphic designer, so I’ve had to be the production manager, HR department, sales team, Finance department and procurement officer – basically all the necessary elements required to run a small business. Because of this I know all aspects of putting a brand job together, I can get a brief off pretty much any client, even those that think they don’t know what they want, I can find out all I need to know about who they are as a brand and provide them with a great, personally tailored answer, so whether they’re a high-end department store or small business, every job and every client gets my best design self.

So if you are looking for a highly skilled, efficient brand designer who wants to work with you then you’re in the right place. whether you need that additional expert to be a temporary part of your design team to help out with that new project, or you’re looking to get that important element designed up to help show off your business, get in touch, I’d love to see what we can come up with .

If you want to learn more about my work you check out my portfolio or if you want to know more about me you download my cv here.